Webinar: Power Platform - Creating a citizen development centre of excellence

Watch the webinar recording to hear from the experts on how to create great governance around your low code citizen development programmes through the creation of a CoE within your organisation.

The growth of low code application development using tools like the Microsoft Power Platform has been exponential over the last couple of years as businesses seek to solve common business challenges with this lower-cost approach to development.

With this has come the establishment of citizen development programmes and pilots across all sizes of organisations and with this must come a strong focus on governance. The creation of a Centre of Excellence within your organisation is a proven approach to ensuring good process, good governance and ultimately good products emerge from your citizen development programme.

Discover the tools available that deliver on the promise of improved efficiency and time to market and the realities that will ensure a secure and successful CoE in your organisation.

In the webinar recording we cover the following and more:

  • How to build your CoE
  • How to assess your business needs accurately
  • How to plan for your CoE
  • How to implement Governance without restricting Innovation
  • How to nurture your Community of Makers
  • How to support your CoE

Watch the webinar recording

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